About Me

My name is  Jack. I’m currently in High School(Junior).A regular day at school, suddenly an idea pops up into my brain and PUM…..then it hit me, I decided to start writing my own blog in which I could articulate my self and perhaps gain some followers and understand each other. As my slogan mentions ” WE ARE LISTENER, EVERY VOICE COUNTS”.  I would be forward to share anecdotes, prophecies and maybe some advises  . I decided to start writing my own blog because it would be cool to start a revolution and stand up for what is right out there because small things makes big changes  . Since this is my first blog I’m not sure the amount of work it would take to accomplish my goals and PLEASE FORGIVE ME in case I forsake this blog  cause the true is…I’m a student and most of the times I’m trying new stuff..here and there..volunteering my time and doing a lot of different stuff but One thing for sure is that I would never change my ideals towards this society and world.


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